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Speziale appears in ‘Triple Frontier’ film promo


Police director Jerry Speziale is featured in a promotional video for the film “Triple Frontier” that is in theaters and available for streaming on Netflix.

Speziale talks about his time working deep undercover to transport drugs for the Cali Cartel and the moral dilemma he faced.

“You become one of them. I couldn’t think like a cop; I couldn’t act like a cop. I was a bad guy,” said Speziale.

Speziale infiltrated the Colombian drug cartel for the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force. He spent 12 years undercover.

He recalls one experience, when a drug trafficker tossed a bag filled with cash over a wood fence.

“There’s $2 million in that bag. No body was with me. You could take that money and walk away with it. You had this fine line between good and bad,” said Speziale. “Did cops steal? Yes, they did and then they went to jail.”

Speziale traveled to California earlier in the year for a brief appearance in the film starring Ben Affleck as the lead.

See promo here.

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  • ibby omar

    Jerseys top cop . Mad respect .

  • Dominick Perez

    His daughter is a notorious coke head.

    • bigron

      Man, don't slander people.

      • Dominick Perez

        Slander??? She does a ton of coke lol he knows it she's just allowed to get away with it because of her daddy.

        • John

          You are LOL about someone's daughter using coke? Hopefully God willing these words you say come upon your loved ones.

          • Dominick Perez

            I'm LOLing because of his holier than thou hypocrisy. LOLOL

    • John

      Dominick Perez.
      I dont like Speziale but you are low. You must be from Paterson.

      • Dominick Perez

        I'm low because his daughter is a notorious cokehead?

  • bigron

    Well done!

  • John

    I would have never known Speziale supposedly had narcotics experience. My question is simple, then why would a person who is in charge of Paterson Police Dept. have the worse drug problem in probably in all the United States. Paterson as a street level drug dealing is in the wide open, I see drug deals occurring all the time while only driving up Broadway within a few minutes. Does this Speziale really know how to tackle the drug epidemic? Or are his hands tied in this Leftest Liberal City? SHAME