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Activist praises Florio for Paterson Armory project


As a longtime resident, former elected school board commissioner and activist, I was delighted to hear that my good friend, Mr. Charles Florio secured the votes needed to begin breaking ground at the old Paterson Armory site.

Finally, we have a man who wants to invest in Paterson and make Paterson a place to be proud of once again. Even more so than we are proud of it now. We can excel and this new news comes at a time when we need all the positivity we can get as a city.

This project will bring hundreds of jobs for Paterson residents. Paterson construction firms and supply companies will benefit as well. This is an excellent move for Paterson on so many levels.

I am encouraged by Mr. Florio’s desire to help beautify our city. This is undoubtedly will be the start of a new day in the city. For much too long we have heard talk about improving Paterson’s image.

Now, that time has come and Charles Florio is the man who’s going to make it happen. Again, Mr. Florio has my full support in his efforts.

I ask all Paterson residents to stand with me. This can be something special for us all as a city. I’m ready to see Paterson grow. And this is one way we will see growth through positive developments like this.

Corey L. Teague
City Activist