Paterson cops arrest manager, seven dancers for prostitution at El Cabaret bar | Paterson Times

Paterson cops arrest manager, seven dancers for prostitution at El Cabaret bar


The police raided the El Cabaret gentlemen’s club on Cianci Street last Thursday night, arresting a manager and seven dancers for prostitution, according to police director Jerry Speziale.

Undercover detectives were sent in after police received complaints that dancers were openly soliciting patrons for sex in exchange for money. Undercover officers were solicited by the dancers, police said.

Police raided the bar at 10:30 p.m. $8,799 in prostitution proceeds was seized and eight people were arrested.

Detectives arrested the manager, Horacio Piccinini, 54, of Paterson, for promoting prostitution and maintaining a nuisance or house of prostitution.

Seven dancers arrested were Esmarly Infante, 26, of Paterson; Genesis Matos, 24, of Clifton; Elizabeth Castro, 40, of Bronx, NY; Juana Alba, 62, of Bronx, NY; Yaniri Cruz, 38, of Bronx, NY; Carmen Vasquez, 40, of Clifton; and Karina Martinez, 25, New York, NY.

Police charged each woman with prostitution.

15 liquor license violations were issued to the business, police said.

“Another outstanding job closing undesirable locations in our city,” police director Speziale said.

  • bigron

    Why shut down a perfectly good business? Maybe Speziale should target the prostitutes on the streets.

    • Jonathan Mancinelli

      Right, because prostitution is "perfectly good". Got it…

  • SamiAm

    Hell yeah or firer some of the cops that are drinking while on duty

  • John

    You have to be dysfunctional to state "a perfectly good business" Immigration should screen better to eliminate this type of behavior and thinking.

    • Anai Martinez

      What does this have to do with Immigration. These buisnesses are usually owned by americans.

  • John

    If you dismt understand or comprehend my post then you probably wont understand this either. Most of.these business owners in Paterson barely know English properly, most are not Americans or were just somehow made American. Better screening of immigrants and stopping chain migration would help tremendously. UNDERSTAND!!!