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57 people arrested in Paterson prostitution crackdown


Detectives arrested 57 people in a prostitution crackdown in the area of Van Houten Street and East 18th Street on Thursday, according to police director Jerry Speziale. Police also targeted the area of Market and East 26th Street.

Police arrested 21 alleged streetwalkers and 31 johns. Also, 3 people were arrested on drug charges and 2 on other offenses.

Detectives conducted the crackdown in two phases.

In the first phase, police acted as johns and were offered sex acts in exchange for money by alleged streetwalkers.

Police arrested 21 women for soliciting undercover police officers. Michelle Salgado, 37, of Paterson; Elise Gutleber, 42, of Clifton;  Charlotte Best, 38, of Mount Arlington; Laura Burkhead, 27, of Westville;  Jaquelyne Diaz, 36, of Paterson; Jody Devita, 37, of Paterson; Michelle Spears, 33, of Paterson;  Amiee Seniakevgch, 35, of Hackensack;  Leslie Wilson, 38, of Paterson; Erin Micco, 27, of Paterson;  Kimberly Scully, 35, of Paterson; Amber Badia, 26, of Paterson;  Rebecca Harding, 30, of Prospect Park;  Jamie Juliano, 31, of Paterson; Brenna Hallinan, 29, of Middletown, NY; Rhiannon Barnett, 25, of  Seymour, Missouri; Kelly Gibband, 29, of Paterson; Rhonda Mayes, 40, of Paterson; Pamela Black, 49, of Paterson; Tatiana McCrae, 24, of Paterson; Johnny Chisholm, 37, of Paterson, were each charged with prostitution.

In the second phase, police acted as prostitutes and were solicited by johns. Police arrested 31 men in the second phase. Mario Navarro, 30, of Paterson; Roberto Vijegas, 40, of Paterson;  Damian Brooks, 36, of Hasbrouck Heights; Karamoko Sakho, 31, of Rochelle Park;  Allan Morales, 50, of Clifton;  Jose Correa, 48, of North Bergen; Dennis Hynes, 47, of Ho-Ho-Kus; Newto Smith, 52, of Hawthorne; Roger Zelada-Mon, 49, of Haledon; Ramon Emilio, 40, of Paterson; Alexander Diaz-Vasques, 50, of Maywood; Salomon Sanchez-Garcia, 52, of Paterson; Izet Kladnicanin, 68 of Clifton; Anyis Rodriguez, 40, of Paterson; Juan Cordova, 44, of Newburgh, NY; Donald Pace, 54, of Paterson; Muzammal Chowdury, 34, of Paterson; Victor Calderon, 39, of Paterson; Tomas Pazos, 45, of Paterson; James Starr, 52, of Paterson; Carlos Selis, 57, of Paterson; Michael Mandel, 54, of Bud Lake; Ziara Ahmed, 32, of Paterson; Leonardo Garcia, 29, of Paterson; Erbay Arslaner, 57, of Clifton; Jose Grillo-Zapata, 27, of Paterson; Edgar Puguay-Guaman, 31, of Paterson; Elvis Garcia-Martinez, 26, of Paterson; Jaime Rodriguez, 31, of Paterson; Miroslaw Mioduszewski, 58, of Passaic City;  Kenroy Betty, age unknown, of Paterson.

Rasheed Davis, 20, of Paterson, charged with seven drug offenses. He allegedly had 6 glassine envelopes of heroin, 14 Percocet pills, and $398 in suspected drug money.

Shaquille Brewington, 35, of Paterson, charged with three drug offenses for allegedly having 150 glassine envelopes of heroin.

Mazeik Lawson, 23, of Paterson, charged with possession of 1 Percocet pill.

“Prostitution will not be tolerated in Paterson. That’s why we are stepping up our efforts to rid our city of this scourge,” mayor Andre Sayegh said.

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  • Miss jamaica

    Several people from the suburbs are on this list . Maybe Paterson is not so bad after all that we are attracting Johns and Jill here. Since these burbs citizens frown up on Paterson.
    We should post all pictures create a Facebook for all these arrestee.

  • John