Paterson school failed to protect 5-year-old boy from sexual assault, says lawsuit | Paterson Times

Paterson school failed to protect 5-year-old boy from sexual assault, says lawsuit


A five-year-old boy was sexually assaulted by an older school mate at the basement bathroom of School 12, according to a complaint filed in New Jersey Superior Court.

The victim, identified as A.M., a kindergartner at the time, had left the cafeteria to use the restroom in the school’s basement. He walked to the bathroom unsupervised.

At the same time, his attacker, K.G., 13-year-old, seventh grader, left his classroom on the third floor without permission, for the basement. He accosted the five-year-old in the bathroom and held his hand over his mouth to force him to lie down on the floor, according to the lawsuit filed by his parents on Wednesday.

The older boy then sexually assaulted the kindergartner by lying on him, rubbing his hands, buttocks, and genital area, says the lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges the school district failed to protect the kindergartner.

Neither boy was stopped or questioned by staff or security personnel at the building on North 2nd Street as each walked to the bathroom without a hall pass.

The lawsuit says the school has separate sections for safety. K-5 students are housed in the first floor and basement; 6-8 students are housed in the second and third floors of the building.

On that day, Mar. 23, 2018, no one stopped or questioned the older boy as he walked from the third floor down to the basement, says the lawsuit.

The kindergartner suffered “significant trauma and other bodily and psychological injuries and damages” as a result of the incident, says the lawsuit. His alleged attacker, K.G., was brought up on criminal charges.

K.G. had allegedly committed a similar assault prior to the attack on the kindergartner. The school “failed to take any measures to prevent any further assaults by K.G.,” says the lawsuit.

The lawsuit names the school’s principal Andre McCollum, Sr., superintendent Eileen Shafer, and instructional aide Grace Kennedy.

“We are not able to comment because the matter is in litigation,” said Paul Brubaker, spokesman for the Paterson Public Schools, when reached for comments on Friday morning.

The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount in damages.

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  • https://Azizakibibi.com Aziza Kibibi

    My name is Aziza Kibibi and I’m a survivor of sexual assault and an activist for survivors. I’m also a multimedia journalist holding two bachelors degrees in journalism and media productions.

    How dare you make public the initials of both the victims and alleged assailant. Do you realize how damaging this could be? They are minors!
    The writer of this article is irresponsible, negligent, and cruel!

    Not only does this go against the common and ethical practices of journalists when writing about minors, it is morally wrong! While you may think there is anonymity in only using the initials of their names, anyone can narrow down who the children are by process of elimination. You put both boys lives in danger.
    And honestly, maybe you want the children to be identified. Adding their initials gives no more value to the information in the article.

    Did you identify the principal of the school this incident happened? You choose to shoot a flare over the heads of the minors involved but hide information pertaining to the adults involved?
    Why? Because kids are easy targets?
    You are gambling with the lives of children for what? To get views and shares?
    This article should be edited immediately.

    And if you need training in ethics and best practices, I’ll definitely give it to you.

    Smdh. I’m so disappointed.

    • bigron

      Where did you get your two degrees? School of Ethics at the University of Butthurt? Release all the names. The people have a right to know.

      Principle's name is up in the story. Two degrees and can't read. This county is going to dogs.

      • MarquinhoGaucho

        never release the name of the victim…

    • MarquinhoGaucho

      The victim I agree with you but the rapist his name should be made public and he should be arrested, expelled

  • bigron

    Shut this school down and fire the principal. While you at it fire Shafer too.

  • Raychel Ray

    Who gives a shit about the INITIALS being released… the 13 yr old rapist should be tried as an adult he knew what he was doing… they should put him in prison and allow the system to handle him accordingly with all that prison intails

  • Juan Trinidad

    fuking sad..the system is all fuked up..coward ass schools principal and teacher and security they dont fuking do there job right..

    • MarquinhoGaucho

      The teacher's hands are tied. these problem kids get reported and admins do NOTHING. When was the last time a kid was expelled in PPS? Never. They bring in guns and get suspended for 3 days thats it.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    It's the administration, the teachers hands are tied and they let the kids get away with murder. Tecaher writes kids up and the admins solution is always " call the parent" . Nothing ever ever gets done. I bet you $10 the rapist perv wont even get expelled. He'll get transferred and do the same thing.

  • Miss jamaica

    I am hoping the parents of this 13 years old kid take the necessary step and try to not let this happen again to another kids, he clearly have a problem and maybe KG should be in a special school.
    Every parent should identify when there is a problem with their kids if they are paying attention. If this is the second offense they should have known that some thing needs to be done. This kids should not be with other children, try homeschooling him. Maybe he too was molested as a young child , this 13 year family need to look into what the underlying issues are for this young man.
    I Truly feel sad for this 5 year old and his family we send our kids to school where they should be safe and protected not be prey upon.

    Unfortunately this will become a liability for the Paterson tax payers.
    This should not have happen.