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Paterson teacher allegedly put up door sign, ‘Not teaching today’


A special education teacher is being forced to resign after allegedly putting up a sign on her classroom door that stated “not teaching today.”

Marti Roland also allegedly engaged in a series of “bizarre conduct with students,” according to school records.

It’s not clear what was the exact nature of the conduct. The district did not have an investigation report to provide in response to a records request.

Roland denied the allegations.

“There was a sign, but “not teaching today” wasn’t on it,” said Roland. She said the sign directed students to another room. “I’d ask them for the sign.”

She emphatically denied the assertion she had engaged in “bizarre conduct” with students.

“I’d love to know what bizarre conduct with the students,” said Roland.

School board members wanted to file tenure charges against her in early Dec. 2018, but opted to settle the case.

Roland, who had been in the district for 23 years, agreed to resign from her post on Jun. 30, 2019 as part of the settlement.

Roland would have lost her pension had she been fired by the school board, according to records.

She had been placed on suspension with pay, according to district records.

Separately, she had accused the district of harassment and retaliation, according to records.

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This report was updated on May 21, 2019 with comments from Roland.

  • Miss jamaica

    If this teacher is getting paid for service that she is not doing maybe she should evaluate the position.
    If there is a disagreement within the work place , do not impose it on our children in the class room .