Charges against Paterson councilman Luis Velez dismissed | Paterson Times

Charges against Paterson councilman Luis Velez dismissed

Councilman Luis Velez

The charges against councilman Luis Velez stemming from an alleged violation of a temporary restraining order has been dismissed. Charges were dismissed on Monday, according to a court document reviewed by the Paterson Times.

“Listen, I leave everything in the hand of God,” said Velez, who represents the 5th Ward on the City Council. “I was confident this case was going to be dismissed. I did not engage in any wrongdoing.”

Velez’s problem started in early April. He and his wife, Evelyn Sanchez, publicly accused each other of domestic violence. Both filed police reports and obtained restraining orders against each other.

Sanchez accused him of violating the restraining order in mid-April. A police officer escorted Velez out of a City Council meeting and transported him to the police station.

“There was no arrest,” said Velez in disputing news stories of his arrest at City Hall. He was technically arrested for allegedly violating a restraining order. “No handcuffs were put on me.”

“Do you want to go in your car or do you want to ride with us?” he recalled a police officer asking him.

Velez was allowed to sit in the front passenger seat of the police vehicle, he said. Once at the police station, he was questioned, he said.

Moreover, Velez’s wife withdrew her divorce filing last week.

“We resolved everything,” said Sanchez on Monday. “Everything has been dismissed.”

Both are back to living together at the couple’s home on Southard Street.

“We’re trying to work out things better,” said Sanchez.

Velez said his political foes intervened in the dispute between him and his wife to tarnish his standing in the community and diminish his political prospects.

Velez is up for re-election next year. Some of his old foes are attempting to line up candidates to run against the councilman in the 5th Ward.

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  • John Brown

    This piece of garbage has got to go!

    • John

      Why? What has he done wrong?

  • Miss jamaica

    We know the charges were going to be dismissed. This is common trend of an abuser , they make up charges are dismissed, but the abuse never go away.
    Women stop being foolish.