Paterson buying more than 1,000 recycling containers for residents | Paterson Times

Paterson buying more than 1,000 recycling containers for residents


The city is purchasing 1,012 residential recycling bins for residents, according to municipal records.

Municipal officials awarded a $37,677 contract last week for the 64-gallon master cart recycling bins with 10” plastic wheels to IPL Inc. of Saint-Damien, Quebec, Canada.

City residents can request recycling containers by calling the Division of Recycling at the Department of Public Works at (973) 321-1393.

  • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

    Wtf? Taxes are through the roof and yet Paterson continues to waste money. This time spending $40,000 to buy garbage cans? Why do taxpayers dollars have to buy stuff for other residents? If you went on Craigslist, you will see factories giving away tons of plastic barrels for free. And what good are recycle containers if there is no enforcement? The money would have been better spent hiring a separate inspector to check who is recycling and ticket those that don't. But that's just too much sense for idiot Paterson. Why make money while enforcing a law, when they can instead make corrupt deals that make easy money without exerting any effort. Meanwhile, there's tons of garbage on the sidewalk and streets, especially by Kennedy high school because the only garbage cans are by totowa ave. And residents are reporting a bunch of public cans are missing on Wayne ave by the great falls. And we wonder why the city is a huge filthy dump? A couple of years ago while attending njcdc meetings where residents were complaining about the public cans being taken and not returned, we discovered there were a great number just sitting in the city yard. A lot of good they do there. Maybe they are making money scrapping them like they did with the missing manhole covers? We want answers

    • bigron

      It's grant money. Save your anger for the bad deal the mayor is doing on Hinchcliffe Stadium.