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Four people hurt in Paterson shooting


Four people were injured in a shooting on North Main Street late Friday night, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Three men — 25, 46, and 53 years of age — and a woman – 42 — were struck when gunfire erupted in the area of North Main and Jefferson streets at around 10:50 p.m.

Authorities said the victims are all Paterson residents.

Police located three of the victims at the scene and rushed them to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for treatment. A short time later, the 53-year-old victim arrived at the hospital seeking treatment for a non-fatal gunshot wound.

Authorities continue to investigate the incident. Anyone with information is asked to call the Paterson Police Ceasefire Unit at 973-321-1342.

  • Tony Clifton

    "And the hits keep on coming". I understand living in Paterson if you are a thug and enjoy the lifestyle, but why would you raise a family there even if you are on section 8? There are much better places for poor uneducated people to raise a family. For those who say the jobs are there I respond with there are jobs EVERYWHERE nowadays.

    • Robert goodman

      So your saying only uneducated people live in Paterson… That statement is not true.. Quite sure a lot of people in your town are on section 8… And they are not educated… Your statement rings of bell whistles.. Or should I say racist. Only thing I can say is you must be one…

      • Tony Clifton

        Of course I'm a racist, I thought I made that quite clear. However my question is not answered. " Why do people continue to live in violent communities like Paterson? There are section 8 and affordable housing in less dangerous places than Paterson.There are no section 8 residents in my town because there are no rental units per se in my town, only single family homes. Of course there are highly educated and brilliant students of all races in Paterson, that is indisputable. But again tell me why would you raise a family in such a dangerous environment?

        • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/350862588637007/ Ibbs John

          Your a moron …. I have a rule it’s very simple . Don’t cross over hazel st and crooks ave because you deal with dumb motherfuckers like you who don’t know shit in fucked up clifton ; where the cops sue the chief , the chief sues the city and then the cops sue the city . And don’t forget people like you , Or the the teachers/supervisors/principals who sleep with students , oh and mothers of students .

          • Tony Clifton

            Tony Clifton is my name ..not where I live. Also I'm certain there is section 8 housing in Clifton. I won't deny being a racist or moron so would you share your opinion on why anyone would raise a family in a violent and corrupt area when there are options.

    • Hugo

      Not everyone is on section 8 in Paterson or uneducated. Most of the people on section 8 and or any other govt assistance in this country are white people. Common knowledge unless you are uneducated. And some of them are white trash missing teeth and sleeping with their siblings. I would love meet you in person and "educate" you if you would like.

      • Tony Clifton

        Of course the majority of the population is not on section 8 and agreed many whites are section 8 recipients in the city. I'm not passing judgement on any group. I am saying why do people stay if they could leave? Many people own homes or feel they have family ties they can't do without. Church or mosque ties will sway others to stay but I couldn't do it to my family because its more dangerous than other places where you could live and work lower paying jobs and either get section 8 or live in 4th floor walkups that are falling apart like I grew up in. If you can leave give your kids a better chance. And of course without white suburban dope heads throwing serious money things there would be much less violence.

        • Ray Grenade!!!

          Many people stay because they have a sense of familiarity with the city, even though the city is a Hell hole. People have been conditioned to believe that if you're from Paterson, you have to act a certain way. Leaving the city means leaving family, friends, and for some change is hard