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Plight of an activist


I wish to share a personal thought about the plight of being an activist. Aside from the awards, citations, warm expressions and salutes, there is a real sacrifice to be made when choosing to advocate for others, no matter the issue.

Almost each day I ask myself 100 times, “What are you doing, Corey? You could get hurt.” But the reality is this; there comes a time when all of us who claim to be activists, advocates or warriors for justice will face situations which force us to prove who we are. And if, at that moment, we cower and walk away it will only prove that we weren’t at all who we claimed to be.

To those much is given, much is required. It’s not about snatching titles for our own self-gratification. It’s about learning to embrace and accept our assignments be they large or small. We mustn’t get upset with those who don’t move on every issue we feel needs movement because not everyone was called to do this work. It’s a chosen chapter, written by one author for a chosen individual.

Reluctantly, I have accepted my assignment and whatever consequences comes with it. But know this, nothing will ever happen to me until my assignment is finished.

Corey Teague
Activist and former school board member