Paterson police arrest two people in Trenton Avenue drug raid | Paterson Times

Paterson police arrest two people in Trenton Avenue drug raid


A pair of Paterson residents were arrested in a drug bust on Trenton Avenue on Wednesday afternoon, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Delroy Miller, 25, and Nyzheir Cain, 23, were arrested at around 4 p.m., when police raided 284 Trenton Avenue.

Police seized 10 jars or 53 grams of marijuana from Miller and 4 baggies of marijuana from Cain.

Speziale said the raid came due to complaints from residents of illegal drug activity at 284 Trenton Avenue. He said residents complained at a community meeting about the location.

“We will continue to focus on all complaints,” said Speziale, stressing that quality-of-life is of utmost importance.

  • John

    Hold up. I am the most against drugs but a drug raid in Paterson nets only marijuana. Are they kidding us. Just take a 30 second drive in Paterson and you will see a drug deal with the buyer.being a total junkie. These are hard core drugs. Wake up people. Paterson is ran by ineffective liberal Socialist leftest Democrats. SHAME

    • queen nena

      Factz bout that dude

  • queen nena

    These fuckers police are crazy everyone smokes marijuana now a days but when they see drug dealers they only arrest them for a few days and they end up coming home but marijuana come on the cops are fucken pathetic,thank I have my medical marijuana card