Sayegh taps Farrah Irving to serve as Paterson’s chief attorney | Paterson Times

Sayegh taps Farrah Irving to serve as Paterson’s chief attorney


After the resignation of corporation counsel Khalifah Shabazz-Charles, mayor Andre Sayegh picked Farrah Irving as her replacement on Friday.

Irving will begin working for the city on August 5, 2019. Her start will overlap with Shabazz-Charles’s tenure for a week to allow for a smooth transition.

“I welcome Farrah to the team and look forward to her bringing her unique style and calm confidence to the role of Law Director,” Sayegh said in a statement.

Irving currently works as chief municipal prosecutor and assistant township attorney in Irvington. Before that she worked as township attorney in Hillside, there she managed the law department as director and was chief legal counsel, according to Sayegh.

Irving has a law degree from the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law. She is a partner in the Law Firm of Irving and Mendenhall.

Sayegh’s announcement stated Irving, who is the sister of former Paterson school member Christopher Irving, lives in the city with her husband Adrian.

The Paterson Times reported on the departure of Shabazz-Charles on Thursday morning.

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