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Paterson activist responds to PBA letter on Jameek Lowery


I had the unfortunate opportunity to read the Paterson PBA president’s letter concerning the “controversy” surrounding the death of Jameek Lowery.

Since it appears that some of the contents of the PBA’s letter was indirectly directed towards me I feel compelled to respond accordingly.

I am of the strong belief that Jameek Lowery was killed while in the custody of Paterson police.

Since that cold January night, the community has been outraged about the treatment the family has received since the untimely death of their son, brother, uncle, cousin and loved one. We know for a fact then when Jameek arrived at 111 Broadway he was not banged up, bruised or dead. We do know that he was dead shortly thereafter.

The bruises on his neck and head were a clear indication that Jameek had suffered some sort of trauma that night which has now been confirmed by the PBA who stated in their letter that Jameek was forcefully taken to the hospital.

And to that point, I ask this:

Why did they have to use force and compliance hold to secure Jameek when he wasn’t under arrest? The PBA knows something is wrong here and they would like nothing more than for this all to go away.

Since the NYPD fired Pantaleo yesterday for using an illegal choke hold on Eric Garner which killed him in 2014, police unions are now attempting to close ranks across the country.

It appears that they have somehow convinced themselves that because they are law enforcement that they are somehow above the law. Today’s letter by the Paterson PBA leadership is proof that their arrogance knows no bounds.

Corey Teague
Activist and former school board member

  • American Patriot

    You are too ignorant for the PBA to even respond.I hope they ignore 'just another hater' that you obviously are.