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Paterson: Volunteers clean-up and re-paint Wrigley Park


Five dozen volunteers descended on Wrigley Park, a greenspace in middle of a neglected and crime-ridden neighborhood in the 4th Ward, on Sunday morning. Volunteers cleaned up the park, collecting 50 bags of trash and debris.

Volunteers also re-painted the lines and markings on the basketball court. Other defaced surfaces were repainted by the volunteers as well.

“If the efforts of young adults from around the world who care about their neighbors and society can act as one, we would be able to maintain and share sustainable happiness and peace,” said Alex Lee of the World Mission Society Church of God. “According to the United Nations, sustainable development is impossible without peace. That is why the Church of God’s university students are focused on reducing crime and violence through small acts such as cleaning the parks and streets so that we can have peace and reach a sustainable future.”

The volunteers, 60 university students of the nonprofit World Mission Society Church of God, belong to the Save the Earth from A to Z program. The clean-up was part of the group’s social welfare initiative called “Reduce Crime Together,” an effort being carried out throughout the world by college students.

Last year, Save the Earth from A to Z carried out 7,000 cleanups throughout the world.

Seeing volunteers sprucing up the park and the sidewalks around it, some residents of the Wrigley Park neighborhood joined in on the effort, said Lee.

Volunteers left the park in tip-top shape after their clean-up.

Wrigley Park clean-up

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