Almost $3,100 cash missing from Paterson offices, says audit report | Paterson Times

Almost $3,100 cash missing from Paterson offices, says audit report


The city’s annual audit uncovered $3,090 in cash missing from the tax collector’s office and the health department.

$2,335 was missing in the tax collector’s office, according to the fiscal 2018 audit. Auditors reviewed 25 days’ worth of receipts from the tax collector’s office to come up with their findings.

$755 was missing in the Vital Statistics and Environmental Health Office at the health department. Auditors found some license renewals were paid by cash totaling $845, but receipt stub identified $90 in cash. Stubs are retained as proof of the amount turned over to the Tax Office from the Division of Health, according to the audit.

Municipal officials believe theft of cash may have occurred on some days. Officials said the matter has been turned over to law enforcement for investigation.

Auditors also found the office was not performing reconciliation prior to close of business, but the next morning.

The Vital Statistics and Environmental Office will no longer accept cash unless in an emergency. It has also begun to reconcile receipts at the end of the day. Money orders, which are now linked to applications, are now kept in a lock box, according to the city’s corrective action plan.

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  • Dominick Perez

    Amateurs! The Mayor and council make that on a bad day!