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Feds arrest alleged Paterson arms dealer


A city man, previously convicted on unlawful weapon possession, has been arrested for allegedly selling 11 firearms, according to federal authorities.

Floyd Henry, also known as “HK,” 34-year-old, was arrested and charged with illegally engaging in dealing firearms and three counts of possession of firearms by a convicted felon on Wednesday.

Henry appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge James B. Clark III in Newark on Thursday and was detained without bail.

From July 15 through September 20, 2019, Henry sold two semi-automatic rifles, two revolvers, and seven semi-automatic pistols for over $8,000, authorities said. He was not licensed to deal arms.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) investigated Henry for his alleged involvement in the interstate trafficking and sales of firearms and ammunition. A confidential source purchased the 11 weapons from Henry in three separate transactions, authorities said.

Authorities recorded phone calls and text messages between the alleged buyer and arms dealer.

In July, authorities conducted a surveillance of the controlled purchase of three firearms from Henry.

At 11:30 a.m., the source made a phone call to Henry to confirm a meeting location. The source was provided $3,000 by authorities for the purchase.

At 12 p.m., the source arrived at the location. At 3 p.m., Henry, accompanied by two unknown men, arrived in a tan Nissan Murano with Texas plates on East 39th Street.

Henry stopped the vehicle in front of a residence. He exited the car and entered a residence on East 39th Street. The vehicle continued north on East 39th Street and parked two blocks away on Vreeland Avenue.

At 3:10 p.m., Henry exited the residence holding a suitcase and got into the source’s vehicle which was still parked on East 39th Street. Inside the vehicle, Henry opened the suitcase and showed the source a Bushmaster, model XM15-E2S, .223 caliber rifle; Anderson Manufacturing, model AM-15, multi-caliber rifle; and Taurus, model 85 Ultralite, .38 caliber revolver.

The suitcase also had 36 rounds of Tula Cartridge Works, .223 caliber ammunition; ten rounds of assorted .38 caliber ammunition; and two rifle magazines, according to charging documents.

At 3:15 p.m., while sitting in the car, Henry received a phone call.

“Three of them already gone,” Henry told the person on the line. “You gotta send me the money.”

The call ended two minutes later. Both the source and Henry discussed the price for the weapons.

The source handed $3,000 to Henry.

Henry then told the source he “got some coming in this weekend. That’s what the guy that’s calling me. He wants six of them, but I’m [going to] try to slide you in there. I got a lot of people man. That why I said if you ain’t call me for these, somebody else gonna get them….”

At 3:20 p.m., Henry exited the source’s vehicle and walked towards the Murano which returned to East 39th Street.

The source went directly to the federal agents with the purchased goods.

The second controlled purchase occurred in August.

Both the buyer and alleged sellers were to meet at the same location, but Henry changed the location.

Both met at 1:41 p.m. at a parking lot.

Henry entered the source’s vehicle holding a black bag. He handed a package to the source. Inside were a Taurus 9 mm caliber pistol, model PI’l 11- G2A; Taurus 9 mm caliber pistol, model Pf 111 G2A; and Taurus 9 mm caliber pistol, model PTl 11 G2S. He also gave the source four black 12-round magazines and 1 seven-round magazine.

Authorities said Henry asked the source if he or she wanted “batteries,” referring to ammos. The source indicated yes and Henry gave a clear plastic bag with 26 rounds of Winchester-Western 9 mm caliber ammunition.

The source got out of the vehicle to get $2,000 from the trunk and gave it to Henry for the guns and ammos.

The third controlled purchase took place on September 10.

The source contacted Henry to buy five firearms. Both met again at the parking lot.

At 1:30 p.m., Henry exited a residence on Broadway in Passaic City. He entered the source’s vehicle through the rear passenger side door.

Henry told the source price for the firearms had increased to $800 each. He told the source the guy getting the firearms at the store was charging him more for the weapons.

Henry has to “go all the way to Georgia, to Pennsylvania, to here, plus my ticket… so the prices went up in the store and everything I got is like good shit,” he told the source.

Henry handed the source green and white bags. Inside were a Taurus, model 605, .357 Magnum revolver; Taurus, model G2 C, 9 mm pistol; Beretta, model BU9 Nano, 9 mm pistol; Smith & Wesson, model SD9 VE, 9 mm pistol with extended 16-round magazine; and Taurus, model TH 9C, 9 mm pistol with extended 16-round magazine.

Henry also gave 30 rounds of Winchester-Western .32 caliber ammunition; 17 rounds of Winchester-Western .357 caliber ammunition; 13 rounds of Tula Cartridge Works-Russia .40 caliber ammunition; and 31 rounds of Luger 9 mm ammunition.

The source got out of the car and retrieved cash from the trunk. Henry was given more than $3,000.

At 1:44 p.m. Henry got out of the source’s vehicle and walked southeast on Broadway in Passaic City and returned to the Broadway residence.

None of the firearms were manufactured in New Jersey, authorities said.

Henry could face a maximum of 35 years in prison if found guilty of the four offenses.