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Paterson historic homes tour returns


After a four-year break, the Eastside Neighborhood Association is hosting its historic homes tour on Sunday.

Visitors will see grand mansions built in the glory days of Paterson and artfully restored and maintained by their current owners at the historic Eastside Park neighborhood.

“There is one question I am constantly asked by all and sundry, and that is: ‘When will you be holding your next House Tour?’ I’m delighted to be able to answer with a firm date instead of saying stay tuned; ESNA is working hard to deliver a truly special event which will celebrate the Eastside Neighborhood and the great city of Paterson,” said Curtis Farrow, president of the Eastside Neighborhood Association.

The historic homes tour is in its 32nd year. Funds raised by the tour supports the Eastside Neighborhood Association, an influential group founded in 1979 and made up of homeowners, who have maintained the stability and historic integrity of their neighborhood.

Visitors can also opt for a tour of the historic Eastside Park. They will get to see the historic White House, restored Horse Barn, Martin Luther King Memorial Garden, and the Alice B. Weight Fountain.

Gourmet food trucks will serve visitors.

Passaic County Sheriff’s Officers, mounted on horses, will be patrolling the park and historic streets.

The tour is scheduled to start at 12 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019. Tickets start at $25. Visit http://esna.ticketleap.com/esnatourofhistorichomes/ to purchase tickets. Or for more information email [email protected].

  • bigron

    It is amazing what ESNA has done for the Eastside neighborhood and Eastside Park. Please keep up the great work. It's my hope thousands of people sign up for this. Money is going to a good cause.