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Corey Teague: Why I am running this year


I wish to make clear the reasons why I decided to run again for a seat on the Paterson school board.

First of all, I’m not running for a seat on the school board to be a spectator. I am running to work. In fact, If I happen to win a seat on the school board in November, I’ll hardly be sitting because there is too much work to be done.

My main focus has been and will continue to be reforming the special education department from top to bottom.

There are yet so many changes that must be made immediately. Having a child in the Paterson school system who requires special Ed services makes it personal to me.

Every decision I make as a school board member about special Ed will directly impact my son.

So, you can be guaranteed that I won’t play games as a board member. I’m not just here to here to win, I’m here to effect change for the children that are too often looked over. I’m here to work, to listen, to assist the parents, district staff and first and foremost our children.

Corey Teague
Candidate for Board of Education

  • bigron

    I think people like you Mr. Teague, but you may be pushing them beyond their breaking point by opening up a campaign every year and losing. You need to put in more time and effort and actually win otherwise you are trying to play us for fools. We are no fools, sir.