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Corey Teague for Paterson school board


I gladly write this letter to forward my admiration and full support of Corey L. Teague for School Board Commissioner in the upcoming November 2019 election. Mr. Teague is a fighter for our children, our community, and more importantly, a fighter for those who are often underserved and underrepresented: the special needs children of Paterson Schools.

Mr. Teague is an advocate in every sense of the word. He and others have already chronicled his public and very vocal support of the voiceless men, women, and children of Paterson, so there is no need to cover that here. However, his advocacy, independence, and willingness to step forward for others also are the very reasons why it only makes sense to elect Mr. Teague again and return him to the School Board in the November election.

In my opinion, his advocacy, his commitment to speaking up for those that can’t, and his thinking will bring balance and diverse thought to the school board. If your school board choices are genuinely about the kids, who will fight for them and who has the experience to do so, then I believe one of your selections should be an easy one – elect Corey L. Teague, 2D on November 5, 2019.

Mike A. Williams
Former Paterson resident and community supporter

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Teague is the best choice compared to Clueless Castillo and Sexual Harassment Martinez…unfortunately since he is (correctly) against scam charters and wants accountability and would stand up to corruption the local DNC will rig the vote and go after the counters and deny him like in the last election.