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Paterson man arrested with handgun and drugs, police say


A city man was arrested with a handgun and an assortment of drugs late Saturday night, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Glenn Martin was arrested outside 575 East 23rd Street at around 10:20 p.m. Police observed him dressed in an all gray sweat suit in the area of 12th Avenue and East 23rd Street.

Martin was walking on East 23rd Street towards 11th Avenue when he noticed the officers. He began looking back and acting nervous. Police observed a large bulge in the front of his waistband.

Martin tried to conceal the object in the front of his pants. He tried to elude the officers, police said.

Police officers quickly exited their unmarked vehicle and Martin began to walk at a fast speed to avoid them. He was approached and arrested in front of 575 East 23rd Street.

Police seized a loaded .40 caliber Taurus handgun. He had 2 bags of marijuana, key to a Ford vehicle, and $10 cash. His vehicle was parked on 11th Avenue. Police seized 10 baggies of marijuana, 2 bags of crack cocaine, and 29 ecstasy pills from the vehicle.

Martin’s vehicle was towed and he was taken to headquarters. Police charged him with eight drug offenses and three weapons charges.