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Three Paterson schools getting musical instruments

School 3. Built 1899.

Three elementary schools in Paterson are getting musical instruments like ukuleles, recorders, and hand drums.

School 3, School 12, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. School will each get a digital piano and acoustic guitar for the music teacher; a classroom set of 16 Orff instruments; 100 recorders; world drums (tubano and djembe); 30 ukuleles and gig bags; class set of boomwhackers; class set of handheld percussion and hand drums; and associated curriculum materials.

Value of instruments in each of the three packages is $23,469, school district officials said.

Musical instruments were donated by Save the Music Foundation in partnership with Sound Start: A Sound United Foundation, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, and PNC Foundation.

“We greatly appreciate the continuing support of the Save the Music Foundation and their partners for our elementary school music programs,” said superintendent Eileen F. Shafer. “The district holds music education in high priority, and it is extremely helpful to have these resources available in the schools where we have dedicated music educators at work.”

School 24 and School 16 received a batch of instruments from Save the Music Foundation last winter.

“We are thrilled to deliver three more grants,” said Chiho Feindler, senior director of programs and policy for Save the Music Foundation, “so that more students have opportunities to make music at school.”