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Paterson police raid Besan Café second time in 10 months


The police raided the Besan Café on East Railway Avenue for the second time this year after receiving information the business was allegedly operating as an afterhours club, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Fadi Abuawad, 36, of Paterson, was issued four municipal summonses. Three for smoking in public, one for operating without an entertainment license, police said.

Police conducted an inspection of the business early in the morning, Speziale said on Monday morning.

The business was beginning to open at 2:54 a.m. and patrons were arriving at 3 a.m., police said. Police and fire inspectors found three lit hookahs inside the business and were met by Abuawad.

Abuawad identified himself as the owner of the Besan Café. He was asked if he was having an afterhours party at the business.

Police said Abuawad told them he was paid $700 by “Keke” from the “KEKE 516” entertainment company to host the afterhours party. He told police “Keke” did not show up yet.

A flyer was publicized and posted throughout the city about a party from 3-6 a.m. at the location, police said.

Police seized 50 hookahs, 136 hookah hoses, and other various hookah related supplies. No cash was seized.

Fire inspectors found minor maintenance issues with the fire system but allowed the business to remain open.

Abuawad’s business was previously raided in January. He was accused of selling illegal hookahs and possession of weapons at the time.

The January raid followed a shooting at the location that hurt two people.

“We are adamant about enforcing the law especially with after hour clubs. The attitude of anything goes in Paterson will not be tolerated,” mayor Andre Sayegh said.

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