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Thank you, Paterson


It took me a few days to actually begin to process what took place on Election Day. First of all, I want to thank the Lord for giving us the courage to get in this race again. Secondly, I am completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from the Paterson community.

The work never ceases to amaze me, because it gives me the opportunity to connect with some truly amazing people. Over the course of the past few months I have seen a transformation of sorts within the Paterson community. As a team, we were up against political giants. The odds weren’t in our favor. We were labeled the underdogs.

Thankfully, Peterson’s voters didn’t feel that way.

I believe they recognized the fact that I never stopped working on behalf of the children of Paterson. I believe folks saw it as commitment to our children. Most importantly, they saw the amazing team. I must salute councilwoman-at-large, Lilisa Mimms, chief strategist. Mr. Sebastian Mejia, campaign manager and recreation board commissioner Matthew McKoy, co-campaign manager. Together, they created a political/grassroots trifecta.

We were determined, committed and relentless in our pursuit towards victory. There were plenty of roadblocks on this 4-year journey but we endured them all.

I want you to know that the work starts now. I am here for you and I’ll continue to advocate on behalf of you children.

Corey Teage
School board member-elect

  • John

    For Paterson to get real change (good) we need elected officials like Trump. Trump is the least racist but yet the actual racist call him racist. Hispanic Democrats for Trump.

  • John Brown

    lets see if YOU votes against the peoples wishes again like you did when you voted to have school board elections in November. and cried foul when you lost.