23-year-old Paterson man hurt in broad daylight shooting on Paterson Avenue | Paterson Times

23-year-old Paterson man hurt in broad daylight shooting on Paterson Avenue


A city man was injured in a broad daylight shooting on Paterson Avenue in Paterson on Monday afternoon, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

The victim, 23-year-old, was struck by gunfire on Paterson Avenue between James Street and Union Avenue at around 1 p.m., authorities said. Police responded to report of a shooting in the area and located a crime scene.

Police located the victim suffering from a non-fatal gunshot wound. He was rushed to Saint Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The shooting remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call Paterson Police Ceasefire Unit at 973-321-1342.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    town gets worse every day….

    • LL ME

      This has been going on for awhile now. at least they are picking up some of them for the shooting.

  • Miss jamaica

    When will the council members and the mayor address this issue, we cannot be talking about quality of life when there is a daily shooting.
    Tax payers need an explanation, this is not good, innocent hard working people will eventually get catch up in this stupidity.

    Members instead of the infighting that you have during the meeting , there is a pressing issue that must be address.

    Maybe the city needs to seek outside help.

    • LL ME

      This is going to take a while Miss Jamaica, at least he is trying more than i can say for the former Mayors.

    • Virginia Wright

      Unfortunately, Local government and law enforcement can't do it alone. Sadly, gangs and drug violence stem from and urban mindset issue. Too many of our youth are dying and killing each other over property that is not theirs.