Nine people arrested in prostitution bust at Paterson go-go bar | Paterson Times

Nine people arrested in prostitution bust at Paterson go-go bar


Nine people were arrested when police busted the Babydoll Lounge, a go-go bar in downtown Paterson, for prostitution, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Thomas P. Humphrey, 62, of Riverdale; Luciana Humphrey, 45, of Riverdale; Thomas Baldwin, 38, of Hackensack; Lamont Moody, 43, of New York, NY; Luz M. Pastrana, 61, of Belleville; Rafelina Perez, 34, of Bronx, NY; Ruth Hernandez, 23, of New York, NY; Argentina  Diaz-Devicioso, 49, of Utica, NY; and Emma Diaz, 52, of Bronx, NY, were each charged with prostitution offenses.

Humphreys were each charged with maintaining a nuisance, a house of prostitution, police said. Police seized $1,765 from Thomas Humphrey, owner of the business, and another $3,210 from his wife, Luciana Humphrey, a bartender.

Thomas, security guard at the business, and Pastrana, a bartender, were also charged with maintaining a nuisance. Perez, Hernandez, Diaz-Devicioso, and Diaz, dancers at the business, were each charged with prostitution.

Police seized $389 from Perez, $1,064 from Hernandez, $60 from Diaz-Devicioso, and $191 from Diaz.

In all, police confiscated $6,679 in prostitution proceeds, authorities said.

The police investigated the bar at 102 Market Street on Saturday after getting complaints there were drug activity and prostitution taking place inside the establishment. A complaint stated dancers would proposition customers for sex in exchange for money. A share would be paid to the manager and bartender, police said.

Undercover detectives entered the business and multiple dancers offered sex for money. Detectives observed a so-called lap dance booth and saw a dancer performing oral sex on a patron.

Lamont, a patron, was arrested on a warrant out of New York City. Police said he is a fugitive from justice.

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