Paterson: Eva’s Village raises $1.1 million to fund its services and programs | Paterson Times

Paterson: Eva’s Village raises $1.1 million to fund its services and programs


A fundraiser this month brought in $1.1 million for Eva’s Village, the largest anti-poverty organization in New Jersey, to support its various life-changing programs.

Funds will go towards the nonprofit’s programs targeting poverty, hunger, homelessness, and addiction.

“The event was remarkable not only for the fundraising we accomplished, but also for the powerful stories that were told by so many courageous men and women whose recoveries were supported by Eva’s Village,” Patricia Barbarito, a member of the Eva’s Village Board of Directors, said. “I encourage people to get involved with Eva’s Village with hands-on support or donations, and to see firsthand the important work being done in Paterson.”

Barbarito of Einhorn, Barbarito, Frost & Botwinick chaired the annual benefit gala. She grew up in Paterson and has an affinity for Eva’s Village for its work in lifting people out of poverty.

Eva’s Village has a three-block campus in Paterson. It runs 20 integrated programs to serve thousands of men, women, and children in need. Last year, Eva’s Village helped 3,084 people struggling with addiction through treatment and recovery. 3,481 people received medical and dental services through its Primary Care Medical and Dental Clinic.

525,000 hot meals were served to those in need. 480 people, 116 children, were provided temporary or permanent shelter. 352 people were armed with resumes, interview, and job searching skills.

“The meal we shared together at our Gala reminded us how a simple meal in Eva’s Community Kitchen can be the first step on a path to recovery and stability,” said Heather Thompson, executive vice president of development and external relations at Eva’s Village. “We are grateful for Pat’s leadership of this year’s Gala, and the generosity of our donors and funding partners who have supported our clients’ extraordinary journeys within our community.”

This year’s gala honored Columbia Bank, the Knight Family Charitable Foundation, and Paul & Karen Van Ostenbridge. All three entities have supported Eva’s Village in its mission to end poverty.