Paterson man used Wi-Fi at business to distribute child pornography | Paterson Times

Paterson man used Wi-Fi at business to distribute child pornography


A city man has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of possession and distribution of child pornography for allegedly using a Wi-Fi access point at a business in Paterson to distribute child pornography videos through the internet, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Edwin R. Olivares-Ordonez, 24-year-old, was arrested on Tuesday. He was charged with distribution of child pornography, maintaining child pornography, and possession of child pornography.

Passaic County Sheriff’s Office Internet Crime Against Children Task Force received information that a person was distributing child pornography on the internet from the network of a business in Paterson.

Detectives obtained video and image files of child pornography stored in the person’s online photo account. Among the images were selfies the suspect had taken of himself. He later posted a video of himself working at a car wash in Woodland Park, giving up his location.

Detectives saw the video and visited Olivares-Ordonez. A search of his cellphone yielded more images of child pornography. He was taken into custody.

Olivares-Ordonez is being held at the Passaic County Jail.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

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    • Ikimmers

      Immigration Status has nothing to do with a person being a pervert. Plenty of perverts born in this country. What's your education level

      • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

        Yeah but it sure seems like a lot of these illegals are, must be the culture of where they come from… And the difference is if he's an illegal alien he shouldn't be here in the first place. Unfortunately NJ is a sanctuary state so he will soon be released in defiance of any ICE detainer. Hopefully your daughter won't be the next victim…

      • MarquinhoGaucho

        True but all the ones hispanic names make the papers and I am hispanic

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      Well to put it that way then we're all from Africa so the Indians are immigrants too lol. The bottom line is we have enough home grown perverts, we don't need any more sneaking over the border. Go Trump.