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Councilwoman Mimms’ nephew hired at Paterson public works


Mayor Andre Sayegh’s administration has hired the nephew of councilwoman Lilisa Mimms, according to public records.

Ja’ami Mimms was hired as a laborer at the streets division in the Department of Public Works (DPW) on Apr. 22, 2019, according to municipal documents, for $30,000. Public works employees are hired at low salaries, but are able to take advantage of overtime work.

Mimms graduated from Panther Academy in 2010. Next year, he attended Lincoln Tech to obtain an automotive technology certificate.

Mimms has worked as a laborer elsewhere often loading and unloading trailers.

Mimms disclosed his relationship to the councilwoman on job application. He is the councilwoman’s sister’s son.

“He applied. I have nothing to do with that,” said councilwoman Mimms. “His resume speaks for itself. I didn’t need to speak for him.”

The councilwoman pointed out her nephew is a Paterson resident. She also said she tries to encourage residents to apply for municipal job openings.

The hire does not appear to contravene the city’s nepotism policy. That policy defines a prohibited relationship as one where one relative has the authority to supervise or audit their work.

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  • Adam Viera

    If he qualifies for the job, then why make a deal out of it? It doesn't sound like nepotism since she doesn't overlooks the department he works for and he has previous experience.

    Congratulations to Mr. Mimms in his new job. I'm guessing this is why Paterson Times covered this report.

  • Unc

    She didn't hire him.

  • John Brown

    as long as he's a Paterson resident that's good!
    they should hire more Patersonians instead of hiring outsiders

  • Rashid Chisolm

    Congratulations on your new job but I have to have a criminal record to even be considered

  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    Whoever believes that she didn't get him the job is an idiot. It's Paterson duh…