Paterson police break up cockfighting ring on 6th Avenue | Paterson Times

Paterson police break up cockfighting ring on 6th Avenue


The police broke up a major cockfighting ring on 6th Avenue early Wednesday morning, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Detectives raided 160 6th Avenue at around 1 a.m. Nearly 60 roosters and illegal steroid drugs were seized, police said.

Police closed down the location with assistance from the Paterson Animal Control and Fire Department.

Speziale said the roosters will be taken to a sanctuary in Madison that handles distressed animals.

Detectives came across the cockfighting arena while conducting surveillance in the area after getting complaints of drug dealing on Tuesday night.

Eight people were arrested in the drug bust, police said. Three bags of marijuana, 2 THC Vape pipes, five Oxycodone pills, and $2,300 in drug proceeds were seized.

Speziale said the investigation into cockfighting remains ongoing.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Cockfighting is very popular in the DR …they bet huge sums

  • John

    They should send ICE in there and anyone not born here should be deported asap. Start a merit based program