Paterson councilman Jackson’s ‘Resident Assistance Program’ van towed by police | Paterson Times

Paterson councilman Jackson’s ‘Resident Assistance Program’ van towed by police


Councilman Michael Jackson’s Resident Assistance Program (RAP) van was towed on Thursday afternoon.

Police towed the vehicle after the driver of the van cut off a police officer on the road, according to municipal sources. Vehicle was pulled over and the driver was issued summonses for a moving violation and driving an unregistered vehicle.

Van had lapsed vehicle registration, but had insurance. Police towed the vehicle to the Classic Towing yard.

The orange and yellow van with Ohio license plates has a picture of Jackson, 1st Ward councilman, on the side with three other men clad in high visibility gear with cleaning tools in hand with the message, “Lending an Extra Hand!”

In the spring, the councilman touted cleaning up lots and street corners through his Resident Assistance Program (RAP).

Jackson on Thursday had little to say about the towing. When asked if he has gotten the vehicle back from the tow yard, he said he hadn’t had a chance to check on it. He said he does not drive the van.

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  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    Isn't this the deadbeat who "defaulted" on SBA loans for his "business" on Grand Street, got caught driving without a license several times and once was caught on video whining to one of the cops who pulled him over "Don't you know who i am??" Typical Paterson elected official winner lmfao God the voters are such f*cking idiots.

  • bigron

    Why isn't this man being forced out of office? This is the same man that said developers were trying to Jew him down.