Paterson firefighters raise $21,000 to combat breast cancer | Paterson Times

Paterson firefighters raise $21,000 to combat breast cancer


Firefighters collected $21,000 in their breast cancer awareness fundraising effort. On Thursday morning, firefighters, in a brief ceremony, donated the money to St. Joseph’s Foundation for Breast Cancer.

Fireman Francisco Lozada, whose cousin is a breast cancer survivor, has been organizing the effort for the past three years.

“It can get really tough. They can get really down,” said Lozada speaking of women diagnosed with breast cancer. “When they see stuff like this, support from family and their community, it helps. It lets them know they are not alone.”

Three years ago, firefighters raised $10,000; last year, they raised $17,000; and this year, they raised $21,000. Lozada hopes to push that figure even higher next year, he said.

Firefighters have been raising funds to combat breast cancer for the past eight years, said Kyle Hughes, president of the firefighters’ union. He said funds were raised through sales of t-shirts and sweatshirts that raise awareness about breast cancer. T-shirts go for $20 and hoodies for $30, said the president.

Lozada said firefighters sold some merchandise through their online store this year.

“We’re so incredibly grateful,” said Megan Smith of the St. Joseph’s Foundation. She said funds go straight to women fighting breast cancer in the form of treatment options and necessities such as food, transportation, utilities, and rent.

Lozada said firefighters have donated to St. Joseph’s Foundation for eight years.

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