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Paterson gets $1 million state grant for Hinchliffe Stadium restoration


Municipal officials celebrated the allocation of $1 million in state grant for the restoration of historic Hinchliffe Stadium.

Governor Phil Murphy signed the urban parks grant allocation measure put forth by senator Nellie Pou and assembly members Shavonda Sumter and Benjie Wimberly on Jan. 21.

“We’re here to form an united front to say Hinchliffe Stadium is coming back,” said mayor Andre Sayegh during a press conference with the legislators outside the stadium on Friday.

Sayegh thanked Pou, Sumter, and Wimberly for working to get the funding. A $76-million plan has been outlined to restore the crumbling ballpark that has been closed for decades.

Municipal officials picked developer Baye Adofo-Wilson to restore the stadium. Sayegh has earmarked $50 million in state tax credits for the restoration of the stadium.

The project, funded through state and federal tax credits, includes housing and a parking deck. The 7,800-seat stadium restoration will cost $31.37 million. A six-story building with 75 apartments will cost $24.65 million. A four-story parking deck, 314 spaces, will cost $16.37 million. And a restaurant with exhibition space will cost $4.28 million.

Adofo-Wilson hopes to break ground on the restoration project in mid-2020.

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  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    How much of the $1 million will be misappropriated? How is it possible for Nellie Pou to have four gubment jobs?

    • MarquinhoGaucho

      all of the 1 million. Pou is a political hack who backstabbed her constituents with her voting record..she is the reason long time DEms are abandoning the party in favour of the Progressives

  • John

    Put this 76 million dollar project in the hands of Donald Trump and he will do it all for less then one third the price. This Democrat ran city is a SHAM.

  • John

    It's all good and dandy this stadium will be fixed up but you just cant spend that much money. Or is it that they are going 100% green soothe price tag quadruple? Democrat SHAME