Detectives arrest two, seize 300 bags of heroin, $8,000 cash in South Paterson bust | Paterson Times

Detectives arrest two, seize 300 bags of heroin, $8,000 cash in South Paterson bust


Observation of a hand-to-hand drug sale in South Paterson yielded two arrests, hundreds of bags of heroin, and more than $8,000 in cash on Friday, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Lenny Gomez, 29, and ​​​​​​Matthew Malave, 29, both of Paterson, were arrested in the area of Main Street and Bloomfield Avenue. Detectives followed both men to the parking lot of Main Suds Laundromat. Gomez and Malave got into a black Acura. Detectives stopped the vehicle and saw several glassine envelopes of heroin on top of the center console.

Gomez, the driver, and Malave, the passenger, were removed from the vehicle and placed under arrest. A search of the vehicle revealed a hidden compartment inside the front passenger seat that had $6,710 in cash from alleged drug sales. Detectives also recovered 304 glassine envelopes of heroin, 20 Oxycodone pills, 26 grams of raw heroin, and a handgun magazine with seven rounds of .45 caliber ammunition.

Detectives recovered $1,413 in cash from Malave. Total drug proceeds seized in the bust is $8,123, Berdnik said.

Authorities said the street value of drugs seized is $4,400.

Gomez and Malave were each charged with drug possession, distribution, and distribution near a housing complex. Both are being held at the Passaic County Jail pending a court hearing.

  • John

    For several months now I have to say and admit Paterson is really going after drug dealers which causes 99% of the problems in Paterson. Whomever is responsible for this increase in arrest I say THABK YOU.

    • Jesusheartsmuhamed

      the guys with 6,700 cash arent much different then users. your opinion would be more valid if the police started arresting kingpins(the guys with 100,000's in cash). The drug lords will replace these two instantly. But they want nothing to do with actually arresting the people in charge of selling drugs just easy arrests of street level dealers to try to make themselves look good to people like you john.

      • Virginia Wright

        I agree. I've been saying for decades that law enforcement should follow the little rats back to the big rats in their nests. The street level drug dealers are getting their "merchandise" somewhere from someone who has the money to hide their crimes. They lock up a few little guys and the big guys keep recruiting little guys and keep making their money. I don't believe for a second that law enforcement doesn't know this.

        • John Brown

          of course they know this. but if they did that. then they would be out of a job.
          the Idea is to keep this Vicious cycle going. a crooked Police Dept. isn't going to
          bite the hand that feeds them(Major Dealers)

  • Paterson Resident

    Thats Edwin Garcia not Lenny Gomez

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Note to drug dealers , South P has a bunch of nosy Arabic grandmothers, worst place to conduct your "business" . You are being watched