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Paterson mayor declares state of emergency, orders closure of businesses by 6 p.m.


Mayor Andre Sayegh declared a state of emergency on Monday morning after the city saw its first two cases of the new coronavirus. His emergency order imposes a 6 p.m. closure time on businesses – bars, nightclubs, liquor stores, movie theaters, shopping malls, gyms, barbershops, salons, factories, and non-urgent medical offices like dental, physical therapy clinic, chiropractor offices – beginning today.

Sayegh’s order also forbids congregational services at houses of worships. Restaurants may remain open only for takeout, delivery, and drive-through services.

“We have to take very, very drastic measures,” said Sayegh. “We have to protect Patersonians.”

Sayegh urged people to stay home during the coronavirus crisis. He said residents should not gather in bars and other places during St. Patrick’s Day.

Grocery stores, supermarkets, and bodegas are allowed to remain open under the state of emergency, according to the mayor’s executive order.

“It’s going to be a disaster,” said Jamie Dykes of the Greater Paterson Chamber of Commerce. He said small businesses in the city will suffer due to the closures. He is waiting to see what sorts of relief will be provided to small businesses from state and federal governments.

Sayegh declared the state of emergency during a news conference in which he revealed a couple were tested positive for Covid-19. The couple and their two children are isolated in their home, said officials.

Health officials are monitoring the family and conducting contact tracing to identify people who may have come in contact with them.

Sayegh said the emergency measures will be in place for the next two weeks. Last week, the mayor reduced hours at City Hall. He also allowed hundreds of municipal employees to work from home during the crisis.

Paterson Municipal Court sessions have been suspended from Mar. 16 through Mar. 27, according to the mayor. All library branches are closed to the public, he said. Playgrounds and fields throughout the city have been closed.

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Correction: A previous version of this story erroneously stated court sessions were suspended until Apr. 27. Court sessions are suspended from Mar. 16 through Mar. 27, 2020.

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  • Paterson Pulse Paterson Pulse

    Failure to lead:

    this Now State of Emergence should have happened when the governor and the president announced their State of Emergency.

    Paterson was already diagnosed as a "Positive" CorViD 19 City. By failing to immediately call the State Of Emergency he could have allowed the virus to have community spread.

    In additions, no one in Paterson has been tested for the CorVID19 virus and It's not clear if Paterson would qualify as the first group to get the new testing kits the President ordered because other cities have already declared there SOE and qualify for being first to get the testing kits from the federal government.

    I said it before he should have done this the same time the Governor his new "BFF" did.
    So if more Paterson residents have be spread with the virus it's because the government failed to act within the time-frame of curbing the virus.
    The CDC said 4 out of a 100 people have the virus now and that could have been avoided if the government act earlier.
    So another Failed action by this "Actor" mayor and not just him, the council as well they could have done their own, Resolution or Declaration on it and they are just as responsible for this fail.

    Maritza Davila, Shahin Khalique – 2nd Ward. Ruby Cotton – 4th Ward. Luis Velez – 5th Ward. Alaa "Al" Abdelaziz – 6th Ward. Michael Jackson – 1st Ward (Council Vice-President.
    William McKoy – 3rd Ward. Dr. Lilisa Mimms – At-Large.Flavio Rivera – At-Large.

    Anyone of these people could have made the application to the council to vote on an "emergency" resolution or declaration but they were too busy voting for an ordinance instead to make Paterson an Islamic state and installing speakers on the Mosque.
    Yet, Paterson as a whole they fail to care about, the Christian community that is.



    • Jesusheartsmuhamed


  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/YXNpZADpBWEY2Qm0zTkVhRW1ENjFEOVVlNGlQVGVFMGlJRkRNVjY1YjR3UGNqQ1BsSlFWaHI5bE1pLTQ3QWNCdE1ieUY5UDgwck1PbTBvRVFISTR4WncwMFJaOWlwTUVidWp5SW5YbkpfQXQ1T2dSYwZDZD/ Samuel Torres

    What about Home Depot, Lowes, Pep Boys, Micro Center, Feldman Electric, advanced lumber and a few more.

  • John

    Why does no one listen to this Mayor?