Qatari consul general delivers 10,000 surgical masks to Paterson | Paterson Times

Qatari consul general delivers 10,000 surgical masks to Paterson


The consul general of Qatar delivered 10,000 masks to Paterson officials on Wednesday afternoon.

Mayor Andre Sayegh accepted the three boxes of surgical masks from Nasser Allenqawi, the Qatari consul general in New York City, at the Bill Pascrell, Jr. Fire Headquarters on McBride Avenue.

“It’s a very cherished commodity,” said Sayegh. “It’s much needed in this time of crisis.”

Sayegh thanked Allenqawi for the donation.

Fire chief Brian McDermott said the surgical masks will be used for infrastructure hardening. He said senior centers, homeless shelters, and rehabilitation centers that serve people during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will receive the masks to curb community spread.

The city’s new economic development representative Sikandar Khan connected the mayor with the consul general. Both Sayegh and Allenqawi (pictured, center) met at City Hall earlier in the month.

Qatar, a strategic American ally in the Middle East, is donating masks to 17 states.

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  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    Here is corrupt Mayor McCheese, kissing the ass of the representative of an ally of the America hating terrorist regime in Iran that has American blood on it's hands. Over a few face masks from China that are probably defective crap anyway. Pathetic.

  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    Where is Florio? He has made untold millions bribing and corrupting the incompetent thieves what pass for Paterson's elected officials. Why hasn't he donated anything?

  • John

    If this city was not.Muslim ran, would Qatar had done this? I say not.

  • John

    Why would we accept masks from these anti American groups? Mayor are you first an American or a Muslim? Return them back to these extremist.