Paterson coronavirus cases top 1,000 with 10 deaths | Paterson Times

Paterson coronavirus cases top 1,000 with 10 deaths


The number of people tested positive for the new coronavirus in Paterson increased to 1,097, a 182 jump from the previous day, on Sunday, according to municipal government data.

Municipal officials had said the number of fatalities reached 10 on Saturday. No deaths were reported on Sunday.

Age of the victims in Paterson has ranged from 36 to 84. Seven were men and three women, according to public data.

“We are seeing a lot of viral transmission within households,” said health officer Paul Persaud. State health officials have urged families to practice social distancing within the household. “The Strike Team is now informing those testing positive of their results within 1 day of testing. This makes the prevention messages more relevant.”

Paterson Health Strike Team is responsible for conducting epidemiological investigations, contact tracing, determining quarantine period, and monitoring cases.

Paterson has the most cases in Passaic County which had 3,227 cases with 42 deaths. Clifton, with its 452 cases and 5 deaths, is trailing Paterson. Overall, New Jersey reported 37,505 cases with 917 deaths on Sunday.

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  • Paterson Pulse Paterson Pulse

    All roads and blame goes back to the Mayor and Council who did nothing when they were supposed to.
    They waited seven days after the Governor announcement to call a State of Emergency.
    Even after the seven days late, they still have not shut the city down.
    not they are blaming the residents and everyone they could. It's never them, right!?

    • Sharon Brown

      You are right about this.The council is so busy grandstanding they can't or won't do their jobs and people are out her dying. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  • Uptownstomp

    Telling people to say in the house is not enough anymore. Why haven’t we hired private contractors to do deep cleaning of our streets and city