People infected with coronavirus in Paterson tops 1,600 | Paterson Times

People infected with coronavirus in Paterson tops 1,600


The numbers of people tested positive for the new coronavirus in Paterson has increased to 1,629 on Saturday, according to municipal government data.

Fifty-nine people have died after contracting the virus in Paterson. Age range of the dead is 22-96. 56% of the fatalities were men; 44% were women. Senior citizens are at the highest risk for death. The age group 70-79 saw the highest number of fatalities in Paterson, according to municipal data.

No fatalities were reported on Saturday.

Paterson, a densely populated municipality of nearly 150,000 people, has the biggest outbreak in Passaic County. Clifton has the second biggest outbreak of the virus with 817 infections and 18 deaths.

Passaic County has 5,295 infections with 119 deaths. Overall, New Jersey had a total of 58,151 cases with 2,183 deaths on Saturday.

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  • John

    When a Mayor himself was not practicing recommended safety by our President then how do you expect Patersonians to know better. Paterson needs real leadership amd.not just a talking machine.