Police charge Paterson pool hall owner for opening business amid pandemic | Paterson Times

Police charge Paterson pool hall owner for opening business amid pandemic


A city man has been charged for allegedly opening his pool hall in violation of emergency orders put in place to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, according to authorities.

Kevin Ellerbee, 28-year-old, owner of Billiards Pool Hall at 100 block of Market Street, was charged with violating emergency orders on Wednesday evening.

Police responded to report of a non-essential business open and operating. Police found the pool hall was open for business with customers inside.

Ellerbee faces a $1,000 fine and six months in jail for allegedly violating governor Phil Murphy’s executive orders, authorities said.

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    Orders are not laws! especially coming from a socialist,commi governor. If the business owner was careful about cleaning,customers social distancing, etc- he may have a big lawsuit coming. If he is depending on this income to feed and house his family,he isn't wrong for opening his business. If everyone opened the same day, what are officials going to do? Arrest the whole city? Unfortunately the majority of Paterson people dont care to educate themselves about rights and the Constitution.And are so divided, complacent,it's disgusting.It's a shame.
    If people don't wake up,educate themselves and fight they will soon wake up enslaved in communist America, wondering how it could possibly happen, just like what happened to the jews in nazi Germany. Residents here fighting each other instead of the government. Pathetic!