Coronavirus cases in Paterson increase to 3,966 with 129 deaths | Paterson Times

Coronavirus cases in Paterson increase to 3,966 with 129 deaths


The number of people tested positive for the new coronavirus in Paterson increased by 170 to 3,966 on Saturday afternoon, according to municipal government data.

Number of deaths from Covid-19 in Paterson has increased from 114 to 129.

Municipal officials have been urging people to practice social distancing. On Friday, police scattered crowds at various parks and cleared six street gatherings throughout the city.

Paterson has the largest outbreak in Passaic County. Passaic County has 10,738 infections with 416 deaths. Overall, New Jersey had 105,523 cases with 5,863 deaths on Saturday.

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  • Carmen Bejaran

    I live in Paterson and people are outside all over the place here as if nothing is happening! Chamberlain Avenue has people walking up and down all over! I don't see any police breaking up these groups of hooligans anywhere! Apparently teenagers and 20 something's don't think it will affect them. Adults have their children walking in the streets like nothing! Then they wonder why they got sick….smh

  • Justice Forall

    Unfortunately there are too many Paterson residents who take no responsibility for themselves or their children, and also have an expectation of being provided for to the detriment of everyone else.