Paterson needs a Covid-19 testing site in the worst way. Here why. | Paterson Times

Paterson needs a Covid-19 testing site in the worst way. Here why.


Paterson has the biggest population by far of any town or city in Passaic County. It has the highest infection rate due to this virus. Having the site in Wayne at William Paterson University does not empower or help our senior population or others who cannot find a way to get there. I believe that Paterson was somehow shortchanged in the decision making process.

I believe that multiple sites could be established within the city without causing an inconvenience for the residents in the populated area. For example, we could use a limited amount of volunteers to assist in our senior sites.

In addition, we could utilize one of our high schools parking areas for testing on an appointment only basis for Paterson residents only as to not overwhelm workers and available resources.

While the curve appears to be declining within the state with regards to ICU and ventilator cases, the curve is not going down in our beloved city. As of April 25th., there were over four thousand people that tested positive in our beloved city and over 130 deaths. My friends, that is unacceptable. Something must be done.

Wayne Witherspoon
Paterson resident

  • John Brown

    the infection rate is 5 x times what's reported because there is no testing for Paterson residents
    and we have the Mayor to thank for that for not fighting for it. instead he laid down like the dog he is
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