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Prominent 3rd Ward resident backs McKoy for City Council


Each election seems to be more important than the last and never more so than May 12th, 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic is upon us and taking its toll. We have to look ahead to the future and the landscape after this plague has passed. Like so many other towns across New Jersey, Paterson will need help from State and Federal agencies as never before. We will be competing for aid and resources. We need a strong team of advocates which includes City Council members.

It is at times like this when we must choose our leaders carefully. The City Council needs to have competent, professional and pragmatic members, such as Third Ward Councilman William “Bill” McKoy. He has a good solid working relationship with local elected State and Federal officials including Congressman Bill Pascrell. This will be vital to us over the coming months and years.

I’ve not seen eye to eye with him over many issues. However, when difficult and unpopular decisions have to be made he hasn’t flinched. He has been criticized for voting in favor of tax increases. It should be noted that part of the conditions for the annual State aid package is a mandatory property tax increase of 2%. If the Council rejects this increase, the State won’t send the money which would mean huge cuts and layoffs throughout city services (such as Fire, Police, DPW and other divisions). Councilman Mckoy and other members have no choice but to vote accordingly.

McKoy faces competition from a former Council member, whose track record of accomplishments is minimal by comparison. This person would not be an upgrade.

Amongst the competition is a devoted community servant, Sharrieff Bugg, for whom I have enormous respect. However, in these uncertain times, I am convinced that of the slate of candidates, the person best able to serve the Third Ward and provide Paterson with a valuable and steady perspective is Councilman Bill McKoy.

Michael Symonds
Third Ward Resident