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Thank you, teachers, for everything you guys do


Paterson teachers give so much of themselves to our students every day. When our kids struggling in class, our teachers and teacher’s assistants are there to lend our students a helping hand. When our kids are having a terrible day, our teachers are ready with welcoming smiles and encouraging words. Every day, they inspire all our students to achieve great things.

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week and I invite the Paterson community to join me to say thank you to the teachers who inspire our students day in and day out. At this difficult time in our nation’s history, we need our teachers more than ever.

I want to thank all of our Paterson Public School teachers for stepping up in this pandemic to make sure our students continue to learn virtually as if they were in the classroom, and for what they do all year round to give our kids opportunities at success.

As an educator myself, I’m proud to be part of a profession that puts students first every day. And as School Board member of the 3rd largest district in New Jersey, I can’t thank our teachers enough. They are changing the world one student at a time and building a brighter future for all our students.

Thank you for everything you guys do.

Emanuel Capers
School board member