Paterson election irregularities need to be thoroughly investigated | Paterson Times

Paterson election irregularities need to be thoroughly investigated


With regard to the Paterson Municipal Election on May 12th, the recent news about bundles of Vote by Mail Ballots being found in various mailboxes in Paterson and surrounding areas would seem to indicate that an attempt was made to affect the outcome. We should all be concerned about this attack on our democracy and we need answers.

There are press reports that instead of immediately calling for an inquiry, some candidates believe the decision to set aside these ballots for further investigation is voter suppression by the Board of Elections. They insist that some or all of the approximately 800 allegedly suspect envelopes found in various locations should be immediately included in the count. This is worrying.

This matter needs to be investigated thoroughly and vigorously. If a crime has been committed those responsible should be held to account as quickly as possible, not four years from now. We need to send a clear message to anyone who attempts to interfere with the democratic process that justice will be swift and severe.

Over the past two centuries many thousands of Americans gave their lives or spilled blood to defend the democracy we live in. Free and fair elections are a vital aspect of our way of life. It is therefore essential that the integrity of every election is protected to the fullest possible extent. We owe it to past, present and future generations of Americans. We must not settle for less.

Michael Symonds
Paterson resident