Paterson girls get medals for making anti-drug use folder designs | Paterson Times

Paterson girls get medals for making anti-drug use folder designs


A pair of Paterson girls were recognized for their anti-drug use folder designs by the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey on Tuesday.

Gomez's folder design.

Gomez’s folder design.

Dayana Gomez, a fourth grader at School 27, and Joslin Rodriguez, a fourth grader at the Community Charter School of Paterson, received medals for becoming finalists in the organization’s fourth grade folder design contest.

Gomez and Rodriguez competed with more than 3,400 fourth grade students across New Jersey. Both girls were among the 28 students to earn medals. The youngsters had to produce artwork that focused on the theme, “Fun Things to Do Instead of Drugs.”

Rodriguez produced a folder design that shows a clock with the caption, “No time for drugs.”

“I came up with this idea because I’d rather spend time with family and friends,” Rodriguez (pictured, right) said.

Rodriguez holds up her folder design.

Rodriguez’s folder design.

Gomez’s design featured the earth with the caption, “You can’t do good in the world with drugs!”

“Doing drugs won’t help people clean parks. I like going to parks and I don’t want to see trash all around the park,” Gomez (pictured, left) said.

“These young students should be commended not only for their hard work and artistic ability, but also for their strong drug-free and healthy-lifestyle messages they have delivered to their peers,” Angelo Valente, executive director of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey, said. “Early prevention efforts are vital to instilling the importance of substance abuse prevention and leading a drug-free healthy lifestyle.”