Paterson will release 20 years’ worth of police misconduct information by July 15, says mayor | Paterson Times

Paterson will release 20 years’ worth of police misconduct information by July 15, says mayor


Mayor Andre Sayegh plans to release 20 years’ worth of police misconduct information, including names of police officers, by July 15, making Paterson the first city in New Jersey to do so.

Sayegh made the announcement on Tuesday afternoon. The information will contain names of current and former police officers who over the past 20 years have been fired, demoted, or suspended for more than five days because of misconduct.

“This initiative will help us reassure Patersonians that we take protecting and serving our city very seriously,” said Sayegh. Last year, the mayor unveiled his so-called “tools of trust” to improve the police-community relationship.

Sayegh’s announcement states the list of names of the officers and a summary of the violations will be published no later than July 15. His decision puts Paterson ahead of the December 31 release date set by New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal.

Grewal praised the mayor for “doing the right thing.” His Monday announcement paved the way for Sayegh’s decision.

“Today’s announcement is a demonstration of real courage, and it shows his commitment to transparency and accountability in policing,” said Grewal of the mayor’s decision. “By identifying officers subject to serious discipline, we deter future misconduct and allow us to begin the process of rebuilding trust with the community.”

Local Black Lives Matter leader Zellie Thomas, who has been protesting police violence throughout the United States, including in Paterson, welcomed the mayor’s move.

“I think it’s a good first step,” said Thomas. He said more needs to be done, including establishing a statewide registry of police misconduct and use of force. He said measures need to be put in place to stop bad police officers from committing a violating in one department and moving to another.

“It’s just not enough for us to be aware of the misconduct. They need to be held accountable for their misconduct,” said Thomas. He said the attorney general needs to do more to make the police internal affairs process more transparent, including by making public civilian complaints against police officers.

Thomas pointed out only a small percentage of internal affairs complaints are sustained.

“Not all complaints are sustained. So, this data isn’t necessarily completely accurate. It doesn’t paint an accurate picture of the police misconduct in Paterson,” said Thomas.

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  • Mike Corleone

    After all the weeding and sifting thru what they want to share, and may I add,
    who's been caught

  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    Zellie Thomas is a professional protester who travels around the country lol I wonder who's footing that bill? Must be nice.

  • peejay1954

    Of course,only the ones who got caught will be in the report. There are <b><i>Plenty</i></b> who didn't.

  • John Brown

    Should be a long list at least 95% of the force is corrupt!

  • http://www.Newjerseypulse.com New Jersey Pulse News Opinions

    Wonder how Paterson Cops are going to take it. Let's see if Officer Florence Ackerman is not the list, then I'll tell you if it's all BS. He use her to sue me, if she is not on the list from what I saw on the deposition with her, I'll expose this mayor, again! for his BS.
    If you have 5 or more complaints you should be made public and what the complaints are about.
    I'm waiting for this one.
    Want to see what the cops are going to do now that he is outing them. I would not do this, I would handle it internally and take the appropriate action because if one of these cops leave and tried to get a job later on their careers will be over but who cares about them, certainly not this mayor, trying to save face and his failure.
    Same chief was there when Jameek was killed, how about his failures.

  • John

    it amazes me how this Mayor tries so hard to be on the news. Perhaps with crime skyrocketing he will be on the news soon. All cops should resign from leftest ran cities. Defund the police in all Democrat run cities. Only keep law and order in Republican ran cities.

  • John

    Wow it must.suck to become a cop these days. Any low life can literally assault you and then file a complaint against you and you just have to accept it and hope this now racism towards police doesn't doom you.

  • John

    In reality usually the most racist are the ones alleging the officers were racist.

  • John

    Why is it that all that have died by police ALL FAILED TO COMPLY TO BASIC POLICE ORDERS?

  • John

    Dont.fight police and just comply