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Resident thankful Paterson police came to her aid


So often the Paterson Police are criticized for one reason, or another. This letter is to tell a story of a worthy experience with them.

For well over five decades, my professional career was given to teenagers and their families in Paterson. Through those years, I had offices in all the housing developments, and thought nothing of going to each office at night if the need occurred. I could regale your readers with many highlights of how my presence in each was accepted, how I was protected by invisible strangers, and the love and care that was given to me, and reciprocated. Not one time in all those years, in all those housing developments did I ever feel threatened, nor did I ever have any need to have police involvement.

Yesterday was a different story in my own place of residence where I was verbally threatened by a neighbor. To write I was horrified is an understatement as my heart pounded, and I was truly in a state of shock as I never have experienced anything near like this. When I called the Police Director Jerry Spieziale, he acted appropriately and swiftly, and within a short period of time, two officers appeared at our door. One was an African American, the other Latino. Both officers were gracious, caring, and professional, and clearly understood my plight. I relaxed.

I believe I am able to understand what many may be thinking as they read this. These are very difficult times we are livingĀ  through, and many police officers all over the country have overstepped their boundaries. However, the police are not the only guilty ones as they put their lives at risk every moment of every day when on duty, and to paint them all with the same broad brush, is unfair and unjust. Those three Paterson police personnel came to my rescue, and for this I am most grateful for their care, professionalism, and courtesy.

Jackie Ross
Paterson resident