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Paterson to carry out $500,000 streetscape project on 21st Avenue


Municipal officials outlined a $500,000 streetscape project for the 21st Avenue business corridor on Friday morning.

Mayor Andre Sayegh said the project funded by a grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT) will involve installation of new curbing, new sidewalks, concrete bump outs, and handicap accessible ramps at intersections.

Sayegh said the project will give 21st Avenue, a key business area dotted by Hispanic restaurants on both sides, a “makeover.”

“It’s a much-needed facelift,” added councilman Al Abdelaziz (pictured at podium). Officials said the work will cover 21st Avenue from Madison Avenue to Straight Street.

Sayegh said the city has already been awarded the grant dollars. He said work will finish late in the fall or in spring next year. He pointed out bids have to be obtained and a contract has to be awarded before work can begin.

Abdelaziz has been trying to beautify and add additional parking to the busy business corridor. He pushed through a measure last year that turns 21st Avenue into a one-way from Madison Avenue to Summer Street. His goal is to add 60 new parking spaces through construction of angle parking spots.

“I’m so happy about what’s going to happen on 21st Avenue,” said business owner Elsa Mantilla. She owns a bridal gown shop in the area. She has run her business out of 21st Avenue for decades, she said.

Mantilla said merchants have been asking for improvements to 21st Avenue for decades.

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  • HankMorgan

    Good news! Such a profitable neighborhood deserves a much needed makeover. Should attract more out-of-towners. That side of town and South Paterson are becoming the kind of neighborhoods you want to live in. They deserve all the TLC the city can lavish on them. Now let’s get the Great Falls done and give the sightseers more reasons to spend money in Paterson.

    • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

      Paterson is a Socialist run shithole, and it will continue to be. They could do 100 of these kickback laced projects and nothing will change. Vote Republican for a better future.

  • John

    Wow this Mayor is actually doing this in a Hispanic/Black area and not his Muslim area. I'm surprised. Something doesn't seem right here. I'm sure strings are attached. We will see

    • HankMorgan

      If you could provide some examples of the mayor supporting projects in South P (please refrain from using the bigoted misnomer) I’d be glad to look them. As far as I know residents of this area have invested millions of dollars of their own. Increased revenue of all varieties there help the city. In turn, the city rightfully helps them.

    • Antichrist

      Nothing seems right to a person who is not right in the head. You need to work on yourself john. Paterson may have wronged you but its not healthy to hold a grudge. If you need a friend, please dont call me