Ex-Paterson councilman Goow’s son gets one-year probation for sending fake police report to credit agency | Paterson Times

Ex-Paterson councilman Goow’s son gets one-year probation for sending fake police report to credit agency


Former Paterson councilman Aslon Goow’s son was sentenced to one-year probation on Thursday for submitting a fake police report to crediting reporting agency Experian.

Aslon Goow Jr, 41, of Totowa, had previously pleaded guilty to a single count of third-degree tampering with a public record.

In October 2019, Goow was accused of submitting a fraudulent Totowa Police report to the crediting reporting agency Experian to defraud the firm and clear his credit score.

The altered police report stated Goow was the victim of an identity theft, according to authorities. He had been the victim of identity theft before, he had said in court. He filed a report with Totowa police at the time. But later Experian wanted him to submit a police report that listed the credit accounts that were affected by the identity theft, he had said. Goow ended up altering the old police report, adding the account numbers himself, and sending it to the credit reporting agency.

“Given the fact that he lives with his partner and three children incarceration would be an excessive hardship,” said judge Marilyn Clark in imposing the sentence on Thursday.

Clark read off a lengthy list of offenses Goow committed over the past 20 years.

In 2000, Goow had an aggravated assault offense. He was given probation and had couple of violations. He finished probation in 2008, according to the judge. In 2002, Goow had a noise violation in Lodi for which he had to pay a fine. Also in 2002, Goow was accused of harassment and fined. Goow was charged with conspiracy to commit theft and was sentenced in 2003 to probation. In 2009, Goow was given pretrial intervention on a theft by deception offense.

Goow’s father, Aslon Goow, Sr., represented Paterson’s 2nd Ward in the City Council for 12 years.

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