Paterson man charged – again – with child pornography | Paterson Times

Paterson man charged – again – with child pornography


A city man was charged for a second time with possession of child pornography, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Raul O. Alarcon, 32-year-old, was allegedly distributing child pornography through instant message, authorities said.

Detectives arrested Alarcon on Thursday. His cellphone contained 150 files of child sexual abuse, authorities said.

Authorities seized his cell phone and a digital camera. Both are undergoing forensic examination.

Alarcon has been charged with four maintaining, possession, and distributing child pornography offenses. He was also charged with tampering with physical evidence. He is being held at the Passaic County Jail pending a hearing.

Authorities said Alarcon was convicted in 2016 of possession and distribution of child pornography. He was sentenced to five years in prison for those offenses. He was released last March.

  • John Brown

    Prison doesn't help these types the only solution is castration.

    • BitchBitchSupreme

      No, castration won’t do a damn thing. Execution will.

  • Miss jamaica

    They will give this pervert another 5 years, then he will be back out to continue preying and kids.
    Put me on the jury I will make sure he gets what he deserve. Life in a medical institution, no interaction with anyone. He is a risk to society and should be consider dangerous.
    I have a problem with adults that prey on kids.

    • TK Kirkland

      I have a better idea. Chop his chimichanga and deport him.

      • ch0k30nm1ba775

        the kid was born here where are they gonna deport him? you must be either a white penisless trans loving faggot or just an ignorant.

      • BitchBitchSupreme

        Actually, he was born in Wayne, NJ. I dated this man back in 2010-2015. The entire span of this relationship, he hid his pedo ways from me, my family, friends and his family and friends. I had no clue whatsoever that he was sick in the head. I didn’t find out until he was arrested back in June of 2015 for his first offense. It messed me up big time finding out he was a sick freak of nature. The last thing he said to me when I dumped him was, “I have an addiction. I’m sorry. I’m done for good.” This second arrest is proof that he’s a sick SOB and castration isn’t going to work. A bullet in the back of the head will. I’m not surprised that this was going to happen again.

        • TK Kirkland

          “Congratulations!…You Played Yourself!!!!” (Hot97 sound drop)

          • ThatLadyCourtneyB

            Yeah, tell me something I don’t know. I’m just thankful that I didn’t marry and have kids with that sick SOB. I got out before it was too late.

  • ch0k30nm1ba775

    LOLOLOL you should definitely be a comedian you got a great future ahead of you!

  • Miss jamaica

    He clearly knows this pervert
    Because he knows that he was born here.
    I don’t care where he was born he is a pervert. He is the penisless one, that is suffering from rejection so he prey on kids.
    Clearly the person that is replying to you is missing the message, this guys is viewing images of children, he was lock up for this already.
    Can any one see the wrong in that.

    I would be ashamed to know someone like this , I will be too busy protecting my kids from people like this.

    • BitchBitchSupreme

      I knew this pervert. I dated him from 2010-mid 2015, not having a clue that he was into this filth. He hid his sickness away from everyone, including his family and close friends. It just comes to show that when you really think you know someone, you don’t at all. I’m still in therapy after breaking it off from this pervert. He messed up my trust for the rest of my life and I’m never going to be the same ever again. I moved on from him and found better but there’s still that part of me that’s never going to heal because he tricked me for so long. I pray nonstop that the children that were exploited through him and the other perverts out there are rescued and given intense therapy.