Paterson Habitat for Humanity gets $50,000 state grant to create plan to revitalize Northside neighborhood | Paterson Times

Paterson Habitat for Humanity gets $50,000 state grant to create plan to revitalize Northside neighborhood


Paterson Habitat for Humanity received a $50,000 grant on Wednesday from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to create a plan to revitalize the Northside neighborhood.

Funds will be used by the nonprofit to update its neighborhood revitalization plan for the Northside neighborhood, which is known for blight and crime.

Elements of the existing plan, called “Building Pride in the Northside,” include building new homes, rehabilitating neglected properties, installing cameras to curb dumping, creating a park on Clinton Street, funding job training for young people through partnerships with the Paterson Explorers Post #1, CUMAC, and the Street2Street, construction job training for adults through St. Paul’s Community Development Corporation, a community garden run by Humble Beginnings, and a program to install lighting, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and reflective numbers on homes to improve public safety.

Scott Millard, chief executive officer for Paterson Habitat for Humanity, said the updated plan will “strengthen and revitalize” the Northside neighborhood.

Grant funds were awarded through the Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit (NRTC) Program. Banks and other financial institutions that fund projects in NRTC neighborhoods can claim 100 percent tax credit for money provided to nonprofit entities carrying out comprehensive revitalization plans.

A total of $15 million per year is available in tax credits, according to the state.

“The NRTC Program helps turn the tide on some of New Jersey’s most distressed neighborhoods. The improvements that result from this program not only transform communities, but they also transform lives,” lieutenant governor Sheila Oliver said. “These planning grants are the first step in moving community revitalization efforts from concept to reality and turning abandoned spaces into community assets.”

  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    The Northside is one of the shittiest sections of the shithole that is Paterson. They could give them $5 billion and it would still be a shithole just with richer politicians like Mayor McCheese who would steal most of it.

  • John

    Give them more money so they could fill it up with more shelters which anyone with a working brain knows what comes with that.

  • John Brown

    $50.000 won't begin to cover 1/3 of the things they want to do. Those in charge. And the politicians are already scheming
    On how to divide up the money.